Summer 2018

The annual joint coffee morning of St Paul, Pooley Bridge and St Michael, Barton was an excellent way to get the 150th anniversary celebrations of St Paul's church underway. Over £1000 raised including gift aided contributions!

The Ceilidh, expertly called as usual by Chris Bland. High energy spinning, stylish waltzes, 'Strip-the-willow' ...

Performance by the Jubilee Singers

John Archer - Magic, comedy and a little ukelele

And the Celebration Church Service complete with Confirmation

Here are some shots from the Church4All services held at St Paul's over the summer - the over-arching theme being 'Celebrations' in honour of the 150th anniversary of the church. Each service looked at one celebration from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. If you weren't there, can you figure out what celebrations or teaching points are being made in these photos?